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Our mission is to change lives through studying abroad. We offer study abroad support services that help people with their journey to live & study in Japan, Korea and Spain, making the often confusing and complicated processes much easier.


Go! Go! Nihon

It all started with Go! Go! Nihon over a decade ago and today, the business has proudly helped more than 11,000 people to successfully achieve their dreams to study abroad in Japan.

We help students to the perfect Japanese language school, vocational college, or university, get support in finding housing, plus assistance after they arrive. We also offer online Japanese courses for those who want to start learning but can’t move to Japan yet.

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Go! Go! Hanguk advantages


Go! Go! Hanguk

Established in 2016, Go! Go! Hanguk has helped over 1,800 international students achieve their dream to study in Korea.

We offer our students application and visa support and help them find accommodation. We offer online Korean courses to help people to start learning Korean and offer guidance to make their entry to Korea as smooth as possible.

Study in spain

Go! Go! España

For our third study abroad business we turned our attention to Europe and with millions of Spanish learners worldwide Spain was an obvious choice.

Go! Go! España provides support for students applying to language schools, college prep schools & universities across Spain as well as providing advice and other services to help as many people live & study in Spain as possible.

Go! Go! Espana services


Go! Go! Italia

For our fourth study abroad venture, we’ve turned to our founder’s native language, Italian. Known as the language of love, cuisine, art, and iconic cities like Rome and Florence, Italian carries a unique allure.

Go! Go! Italia, launching in October 2023, aims to provide students with an opportunity to not only learn the Italian language but also deeply immerse themselves in the local culture and savor the beauty of Italy. This is made possible through our strategic partnerships with some of Italy’s most experienced educational institutions.

Study in France

Go! Go! France

France, the world’s most visited country, draws millions of international tourists annually. Its rich culture, deep history, and language spoken by millions worldwide and in many countries around the globe make it a magnet for travelers. Often described as a cherished destination by many international students.

We assist students in choosing and enrolling in the right school for them, navigating visa application process, finding suitable accommodation, and many other services to ensure a smooth transition to life in France.

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life-changing study trips


Many people across the world would love the opportunity to live & study abroad but they don’t always have the time – that’s why Study Trip was born.

Study trips combine intensive learning with cultural activities over two to four weeks to give an immersive study abroad experience, perfect for people who are short on time.



At schools in Japan, we pride ourselves on being able to provide students with access to schools and courses that are not typically available to non-Japanese speakers. We actively seek out and list schools that are often only accessible in Japanese, allowing our students to expand their academic horizons and pursue their passions.

Additionally, we vet all of the schools we list to ensure they meet our high standards for quality education. With our commitment to providing students with the best possible options for their academic journey, we are confident in our ability to help students achieve their goals in Japan.

Study Abroad Pub


Study Abroad Pub​

Our first Study Abroad Pub (SAP) opened in Tokyo, Japan in 2022.

We share the benefits of studying abroad and help people meet and talk to others from all over the world in a friendly atmosphere!

LEarn Online

Online Courses

For those who are serious about learning a new language and living in a new country, it’s never too early to start preparing. Our online language lessons are a great way to start building the foundations of your knowledge and preparing for your study abroad adventure.

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With more than 14 years of experience attracting international students, we’ve helped our partners reach students from more than 85 countries.

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Thanks to our in-house multilingual team we offer support in 10 languages. We act as a bridge between our students and our partners to help more students access study abroad services.

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We know each student and partner’s needs are different. We tailor our service to ensure we can deliver the best results for everyone to achieve their goals.