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With more than 14 years of experience in the Study Abroad sector Go! Go! World has helped our partners attract 16,000+ students from more than 85 countries. Thanks to our in-house multilingual-team we offer support in 10 languages to liaise between students and our partners to ensure frictionless communication. 

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Our mission

Changing lives through study abroad

At Go! Go! World we believe that studying abroad is a life-changing event. Our mission is to make it a reality for as many students as possible to live and study abroad. Acting as an intermediary we connect students around the world with partners that can provide services – schools, accommodation and more that help to deliver this life-changing opportunity.

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What we do

Building connections

Our Go! Go! World services support people around the world to make the transition to living and studying abroad easier.

Our unique offering is providing our services in 10 languages, further bringing down the barriers to studying abroad thanks to partnerships we have built with language schools, accommodation partners, and other service providers.

With more than 14 years of experience in the Study Abroad sector Go! Go! World has helped our partners in Japan, Korea, Spain, Italy and France attract 16,000+ students from more than 85 countries.

Who we are

Go! Go! World

In 2009 two Japanese language school students, Davide and John launched a new service – Go! Go! Nihon. They wanted to make it easier for others like them to live and study in Japan after their own application experiences was filled with difficulties.

Since then, the Go! Go! World family has grown to include study in Korea (Go! Go! Hanguk), study in Spain (Go! Go! España) and even more services designed to help students study abroad more easily.

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Partner reviews

We work with more than 50 partners across Japan, Korea, Spain, Italy and France to help them find international students.

Find out what some of them have to say about what it’s like to work with the teams at Go! Go! World.

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Akamonkai Language School

Akamonkai Language School

We provide Japanese language education services for international students. Since partnering with Go! Go! Nihon we have been able to significantly increased the percentage of students from western countries and have been able to accept a stable and well-balanced student body of various nationalities from all over the world.

Intercultural Japanese Language school

Intercultural Japanese Language school

Partner school, 
Intercultural Japanese Language school

We have been working with Go! Go! Nihon since 2011. Since our partnership with Go! Go! Nihon, the number of students from western countries has increased significantly and the ratio of students from Asia and non-Asia is now 50/50. Thanks to Go! Go! Nihon, the image of Intercultural as “multinational” is now firmly established.


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