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Go! Go! World

In 2009 two Japanese language school students, Davide and John launched a new service – Go! Go! Nihon. They wanted to make it easier for others like them to live and study in Japan after their own application experiences was filled with difficulties. Since then, the Go! Go! World family has grown to include study in Korea (Go! Go! Hanguk), study in Spain (Go! Go! España), study in Italy (Go! Go! Italia) and study in France (Go! Go! France) as well as many more services to help students study abroad.

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Our Mission

Changing lives through study abroad

At Go! Go! World we believe that studying abroad is a life-changing event. Our mission is to make it a reality for as many students as possible to live and study abroad, we work world class partners in Japan, Korea, Spain, Italy, and France to provide services – schools, accommodation and more that help to deliver this life-changing opportunity.

GO! GO! World

Our history

After meeting and studying at a Japanese language school together, founders Davide and John start working on a project that will make the process of living and studying in Japan much easier. The initial idea for Go! Go! Nihon is born.
More than 100 students use Go! Go! Nihon to live and study in Japan in a single year. Plans to support more students are starting to be made and K.K. GoGo World (Go! Go! World) is formally established.
We add Spanish language support as our fourth language for Go! Go! Nihon support to assist Spanish speaking students from all over the world to realize their dreams of studying in Japan.
With growing demand from other countries, we add French and German language support and Go! Go! Nihon reaches a milestone of helping 1000 students to live and study in Japan.
Go! Go! Nihon now has over 50 staff and has helped nearly 4500 long-term and short-term students since we launched. Go! Go! World launches its third study abroad business to help students who want to study in Spain service - Go! Go! España!
Go! Go! Nihon reaches it's 10 year anniversary. We help over 1900 students in a single year to achieve their dreams of living and studying in Japan, Korea or Spain.
As Spain and Korea reopen to students and tourism we help over 500 students find the right study abroad choice for them. Due to the ongoing border closures in Japan, Go! Go! Nihon launches https://educationisnottourism.com/ to drive awareness and to lobby the government to support international students to reach their goal of living and studying in Japan. The lobbying contributes to the borders re-opening for international students.
As Go! Go! Nihon, Go! Go! Hanguk and Go! Go! Espãna continues to grow its agency leadership year after year, Go! Go! World launched two further locations. Go! Go! France and Go! Go! Italia helps people from around the world who want to live and study in France and Italy! We also launched a new service schoolsinjapan.com which builds on our existing study in Japan expertise but focuses on continued education options in Japan.
Go! Go! Nihon is launched with Italian, Swedish, and English language support. There is an immediate positive reception to the service and the first long-term students start to arrive in October that year.
The team expands to support the growth of the service and we also launch our first ever Go! Go! Nihon Study Trip Summer Course to allow more people the chance to have a life changing experience.
Go! Go! Nihon reaches a milestone of helping 500 students since it launched. The Study Trip Summer Course becomes very popular, with 80 students from all over the world joining the course to experience three exciting weeks in Tokyo.
With the success of Go! Go! Nihon growing year on year Go! Go! World launches its second study abroad business to help students who want to study in Korea service - Go! Go! Hanguk with offices in Seoul and in Madrid.
Go! Go! World now has more than 50 employees from 21 different countries and helps more than 1500 students in a single year across Japan, South Korea and Spain.
Despite the pandemic and border closures Go! Go! World continues to support students from all over the world to reach their goal of living and studying abroad. We also online learning courses for all our businesses to help those unable to travel to start their language learning journey.
Go! Go! World now has 60 employees from 26 countries and helped more than 3000 students in 2022 to study abroad across Go! Nihon, Go! Go! Hanguk and Go! Go! España, increasing Go! go! Worlds it's leadership as the study abroad businesses of choice for the nationalities of students. Go! Go! World opens its first Study Abroad Pub in Japan to share the benefits of studying abroad and help people meet and talk to people from all over the world in a friendly atmosphere!

What we do

Our service

Our Go! Go! World services support people in applying to schools, student visas, and finding suitable accommodation, job support, and other services to help make the transition to living and studying abroad easier.

We act as the bridge between students and partners, provide our services in multiple languages to further bring down the barriers to studying abroad and offer a frictionless support to both students and our partners. 

Our services

Go! Go! World Businesses

Go! Go! Nihon

It all started with Go! Go! Nihon over a decade ago and today, the business has proudly helped more than 13,000 people to successfully achieve there dreams to study abroad in Japan.

Go! Go! Hanguk

Established in 2016, Go! Go! Hanguk helps people apply with school, visa applications and any other support needed to help students who want to study the Korean language in Korea.

Go! Go! Espana

Go! Go! España

Spanish is a global language with millions of learner worldwide. Go! Go! España provides support applying to language schools, college prep schools, & universities across Spain.

Go! Go! France

Go! Go! France launched in 2023 to help people from all over the world fulfill their dreams of living and studying in France.

Go! Go! Italia

Go! Go! Italia was established in 2023 to help students live & study in Italy from all over the world.


Study Trips offer the opportunity to study abroad for people who are short on time. Combining language learning with cultural immersion over two to four weeks.


A new pathway to higher education institutions across Japan. We partner with and list the best universities and vocational schools in Japan to help students from around the globe find the program of their dreams.

Study Abroad Pub

In our Study Abroad Pub in Japan, we share the benefits of studying abroad and help people meet and talk to others from all over the world in a friendly atmosphere!

Go! Go! World

Management team

Andra Ciobanu


Andra grew up in Italy and moved to Japan in 2015 to embark on her own study abroad experience. She joined the Go! Go! World team shortly after arriving in Japan and has assisted thousands of students to achieve their dream of living and studying abroad. Today, she leads all operations for Go! Go! Italia.

Davide Rossi

Go! Go! World CEO

When the CEO of Go! Go! World Davide first moved to Japan in 2008 to study Japanese it was extremely difficult for him to choose the right language school, and accommodation and he believed things should be different. He’s made it the Go! Go! World mission to make it as easy as possible to help students live and study abroad, working only with the best partners to allow them to achieve this dream.

Julien Bonaventure


After growing up in France, Julien completed a study abroad program in Japan and his passion for studying abroad was born. He joined our team in 2020 and helped support students for Go! Go! Nihon with their language and post secondary education goals for over 3 years. Now, he oversees all of the Go! Go! France operations.

Federico Bianchi

Go! Go! Nihon Country Manager

Fede first moved to Japan in 2010 using the Go! Go! Nihon service! He now manages all of the Go! Go! Nihon operations, leading a team of 49 staff from 23 countries, with the goal to make living and studying in Japan an opportunity for as many people as possible.

Takeshi Arai

Go! Go! World Sales Manager

With more than 10 years of experience connecting Japanese companies and services with a global audience, Takeshi joined Go! Go! World in 2021 to help connect the best services and partners for our businesses to international students.

Eddy Kwon

Go! Go! Hanguk Country manager

Eddy has the Go! Go! Hanguk team since we launched into the Korean market in 2016. He now has a team of 10 people, from 9 countries, that have helped more than 1,800 people live their dream to study in Korea.

Luis Hernández

Go! Go! España Country Manager

After completing his own study abroad experience in Japan, Luis a native of Madrid, was the natural choice to help us expand the Go! Go! World business into the Spanish-speaking market, growing it into the number one agency for students from Korea who want to live & Study in Spain.

Jordyn Wolff


Jordyn joined the Go! Go! World team in 2023 and began collaborating on the marketing strategy for the Schools in Japan project. She came to Japan in 2016 as an international student and has experience navigating digital marketing projects for domestic and international markets.

Emma McEntee

Go! Go! World Head of Global Marketing

Emma joined Go! Go! World in 2019 to develop and lead the Global Marketing team to drive campaigns across the globe to build awareness of all of the Go! Go! World businesses. Her 18+ years of marketing experience allowed us to succeed in our goals even during the global pandemic and deliver the strongest numbers since the business began in 2009.

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