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We partner with and list the best universities and vocational schools in the country. Our goal is to help students from around the globe find the program of their dreams.

Find Secondary Education in Japan

What we do

At schools in Japan, we pride ourselves on being able to provide students with access to schools and courses that are not typically available to non-Japanese speakers. We actively seek out and list schools that are often only accessible in Japanese, allowing our students to expand their academic horizons and pursue their passions. Additionally, we vet all of the schools we list to ensure they meet our high standards for quality education. With our commitment to providing students with the best possible options for their academic journey, we are confident in our ability to help students achieve their goals in Japan.


Why partner with us?

Bridge the gap

We help students from around the globe find and inquire about our partner schools, by streamlining communication to ensure seamless information sharing and understanding,

Custom marketing packages

Our marketing plans can be tailored to your organization’s needs and budget. We work closely with you to come up with the best solution.

In-house creative team

We craft highly engaging and creative content to help our partners meet their business goals.


global audience and reach

Global audience

We have a global audience with several social media outlets to drive traffic to our partners and website.


Unique listing

Each partner will have a unique listing on our school's page that displays the best characteristics of the school as well as a contact form.

Meet the Team

Davide Rossi

Go! Go! World CEO

When the CEO of Go! Go! World Davide first moved to Japan in 2008 to study Japanese it was extremely difficult for him to choose the right language school, and accommodation and he believed things should be different. He’s made it the Go! Go! World mission to make it as easy as possible to help students live and study abroad, working only with the best partners to allow them to achieve this dream.

Takeshi Arai

Go! Go! World Sales Manager

With more than 10 years of experience connecting Japanese companies and services with a global audience, Takeshi joined Go! Go! World in 2021 to help connect the best services and partners for our businesses to international students.

Jordyn Wolff


Jordyn joined the Go! Go! World team in 2023 and began collaborating on the marketing strategy for the Schools in Japan project. She came to Japan in 2016 as an international student and has experience navigating digital marketing projects for domestic and international markets.

Emma McEntee

Go! Go! World Head of Global Marketing

Emma joined Go! Go! World in 2019 to develop and lead the Global Marketing team to drive campaigns across the globe to build awareness of all of the Go! Go! World businesses. Her 18+ years of marketing experience allowed us to succeed in our goals even during the global pandemic and deliver the strongest numbers since the business began in 2009.


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