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Changing lives through study abroad

Go! Go! World offers student support services in Japan, Korea, Spain, Italy, and France collectively we’ve changed more than 16,000 people’s lives through study abroad to date!

What we do

Our services

Our Go! Go! World services support people in applying to language schools and for student visas, finding suitable accommodation, job support, and other services to help make the transition to living and studying abroad easier. 

Our unique offering is providing our services in multiple languages, further bringing down the barriers to studying abroad thanks to partnerships we have built with language schools, accommodation partners, and other service providers. 

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Our services

Go! Go! World Businesses

Go! Go! Nihon

It all started with Go! Go! Nihon over a decade ago and today, the business has proudly helped more than 13,000 people to successfully achieve there dreams to study abroad in Japan.

Go! Go! Hanguk

Established in 2016, Go! Go! Hanguk helps people apply with school, visa applications and any other support needed to help students who want to study the Korean language in Korea.

Go! Go! Espana

Go! Go! España

Spanish is a global language with millions of learner worldwide. Go! Go! España provides support applying to language schools, college prep schools, & universities across Spain.

Go! Go! France

Go! Go! France launched in 2023 to help people from all over the world fulfill their dreams of living and studying in France.

Go! Go! Italia

Go! Go! Italia was established in 2023 to help students live & study in Italy from all over the world.


Study Trips offer the opportunity to study abroad for people who are short on time. Combining language learning with cultural immersion over two to four weeks.


A new pathway to higher education institutions across Japan. We partner with and list the best universities and vocational schools in Japan to help students from around the globe find the program of their dreams.

Study Abroad Pub

In our Study Abroad Pub in Japan, we share the benefits of studying abroad and help people meet and talk to others from all over the world in a friendly atmosphere!

Go! Go! World

Quick Facts

global audience and reach

Reaching a global audience

With more than 14 years experience in the sector and 16,000+ students helped from more than 85 countries we are a market leader in offering study abroad opportunities

Building connections

We connect people around the world with essential services and organizations to help them successfully live, study, and work abroad

Speaking the same language

We liaise between our students and our partners to ensure seamless communication and understanding, offering support in 10 languages thanks to our multilingual team

Tailored approach

We know everyones needs are different and find the best option for each student and partner to meet their goals

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Live and study abroad